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  • Many!!! Add your favorite bug here, please, or better, open an issue on the GitHub repositories ;-)


  • Get controller values from synth engine when loading presets => Done for MOD-UI and setBfree, pending for ZASFX, LinuxSampler and FluidSynth (jofemodo)
  • Develop a OSC/MIDI interface for controlling the Zynthian GUI, allowing control from external controllers
  • Improve ZASFX Integration => Auto-mapping of "interesting" parameters
  • Show CPU and RAM usage on display => Admin Menu
  • VU-meter on display => UI
  • MIDI looper (using midish?)
  • Step Sequencer
  • Full SooperLooper integration: Currently only SooperLooper LV2 plugins is available in zynthian, that implements a limited subset of the full capabilities of SooperLooper server. Implement a true SooperLooper engine, using the SL-server OSC API.
  • Synth Engine implementation: CSound
  • Synth Engine implementation: SuperCollider
  • Synth Engine implementation: V1 series => samplv1, synthv1, drumkv1
  • Synth Engine implementation: ???


  • Headphones circuit => Done! Read this topic in the forum
  • Audio Input (ADC) => Use Audioinjector or PiSound soundcards
  • Produce SMD versions for the "controller single" and "All-In-One" modules


  • Update Lasser Cut Dessign for the new official PiScreen display


  • Video-tutorials: 1 min. videos showing the different features of Zynthian UI


  • Select Best/Demo Presets => Create "Zynthian Selection Bank" for ZynAddSubFX, ...