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  • ZASFX: reset standard controller values when loading a preset (jofemodo)
  • GUI Configuration File: In some circunstances, if config file is modified, there are problems when updating software. Better use a JSON configuration file excluded from git.


  • Get controller values from synth engine when loading presets => Done for MOD-UI and setBfree, pending for ZASFX, LinuxSampler and FluidSynth (jofemodo)
  • Improve MOD Integration => MIDI channels, MIDI routing, MIDI learning with MOD-UI, etc. (jofemodo)
  • Improve LinuxSampler integration => Upgrading to v2, add effects, etc.
  • Improve ZASFX Integration => Auto-mapping of "interesting" parameters
  • Web Configuration Interface => WIFI config, Wiring layout, GUI colors and fonts, snapshot management...
  • Zyncoder: add support for MCP23xxx interrupts, allowing use more rotary encoders => Read this topic in the forum.
  • Show CPU and RAM usage on display
  • VU-meter on display
  • SD card read-only implementation => testing (holger)
  • Develop a OSC/MIDI interface for controlling the Zynthian GUI, allowing control from external controllers
  • Compile and Test a RT kernel (holger)
  • Allow several standalone synth engines: full multi-timbric! (jofemodo)
  • Integrate an audio recording utility to record playing-sessions in an external USB-pendrive
  • Display Configuration: Display frambuffer should be in the configuration file and splash screens should be generated for the current screen size.
  • Synth Engine integration: PureData
  • Synth Engine integration: CSound
  • Synth Engine integration: SuperCollider (granular patch!!)
  • Synth Engine integration: V1 series => samplv1, synthv1, drumkv1
  • Synth Engine integration: ???


  • Improve 2in1 circuit, add MIDI-OUT & MIDI-THROU
  • Headphones circuit => Done! Read this topic in the forum
  • Audio Input (ADC)
  • Balanced Audio Outputs
  • Leds for MIDI-IN, AUDIO-OUT, etc.
  • New 2 in 1 pcb with simple connections and simplified wiring => Work in progres! Read this topic and this in the forum.


  • Lasser Cut Dessign (for wood/metacrilat)


  • Improve User's Guide (jofemodo)
  • Mounting tutorials: Improve Holger's tutorial and add new schemes contributed by Marnix and others ...


  • Select Best/Demo Presets => Create "Zynthian Selection Bank" for ZynAddSubFX, ...
  • Create Sound Demos (Come on, Zynthianers!!)
  • Create Video Demos (Come on, Zynthianers!!)
  • Creating a Debian Repository for Zynthian (jofemodo)