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Multi-Timbral / Multi-Layer Demos

* Rhodes+Strings Demo, by Mauro Borgarello A short playning TEST ... hope you like it and Pat can forgive me!
* Multi-timbral video demo, by Jofemodo It uses 5 layers assigned to different MIDI channels, like this:
  • CH#1: Vangelis PAD (ZynAddSubFX) => Solo
  • CH#2: Drums (ZaynAddSubFX)
  • CH#3: Analog Bass (ZynAddSubFX)
  • CH#4: Metal Drips (ZynAddSubFX)
  • CH#5: TR808 Drum Machine (LinuxSampler)

The keyboard is used for CH#1 and the Zaquencer for the rest. The audio is digitally recorded using the “record audio option” from the admin menu, so it’s HQ.

* Tutta colpa del paradiso, by Mauro Borgarello The song is from an italian composer, an old soundtrack of an old wonderful italian movies: “Tutta colpa del paradiso”
  • Layer1 :collection/smooth
  • Layer2: mysterious bank 3 / res string
  • Layer3: dexed with iconic DX7 elec piano

Hope you like it… I’ have to say that the zynthian has a real “soul” It play some real warm pad and i really LOVE it sound!


* Take5 MID file (FluidR3 GM Soundfont)
* Holgers second simple test: Also nothing special! All sound are Fluidsynth with GM sampleset. First part is a quick 4-track recording with an external DAW. Second part is a MIDI file also played by Fluidsynth. Sorry for the blured pictures... I used the wrong setup for the cam :-(


* Techno Session from Ramsi Using a Zynthian Box in a live DJ performance!

setBfree (Hammond Emulator)

* Drawbar Manipulations, by @Baggypants
* Maker Faire Impressions - setBfree and more


* Holgers first simple test playing with an Electric Piano - nothing special!

MOD-UI as Audio Processor

* Electro-Kalimba Demo, by Jofemodo Little audio demo using an Electro-Kalimba connected to a Zynthian Box with Audio-inputs, using a MOD-UI patch including several effects, filters and the super-looper plugin.
* Guitar Samples, by Rodrigo Amaral Some guitar riffs using Zynthian as stompbox]

MOD-UI + Sooper Looper + LinuxSampler + ZynAddSubFX

* Sooperlooper Quick&Dirty Demo, by Jofemodo

Pianoteq (Fender Rhodes)

* Body and Soul, by Joostn