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Installation / Setup:

There are two Setup Scripts:

It can help you to setup your system, but probably you need to tweak a little. I recommend to run line by line from the terminal, trying to understand what you do ;-)


Open 4 terminals. Of course, you can use less, but i prefer to use separate terminals:

Terminal 1: Jack Start & Midi Connections

qjackctl &

Terminal 2: Alsa => Jack MIDI bridge

a2jmidid -e

Perhaps you want to add the "a2jmidid -e" command to your qjackctl setup ;-)

Terminal 3: Autoconnector

cd zynthian
cd zynthian-ui

Terminal 4: Emulator

cd zynthian
cd zynthian-emuface

If you set the environment variable "ZYNTHIANX" like this:


Zynthian UI will open the native engine GUI when available.

Also, don't forget to read this blog entry about the Zynthian Emulator.

Zynthian Emulator


Holger: I have created a repository at github with some of my recipes. They are organized as a kind of shell script but mostly used for writing down what I have done. Feel free to look inside and try them. Simple manuals are also inside the repository, but the documentation is the code itself :-)