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The "Zynthian Web Configuration Tool" is a website hosted inside your Zynthian device. This website allows you to:

  • Configure system password
  • Configure WIFI
  • Configure Hardware: wiring layouts, soundcard, display, etc.
  • Configure UI: colors, fonts, sizes, etc.
  • Edit snapshot's names
  • Manage library for the different engines => soundfonts, plugins, presets, etc.

Access the configuration tool by using a web browser on the same network as your Zynthinan device.

You need another computer with a browser to access this website inside your Zynthian.

Browse to http://zynthian.local

If you your browser can’t find the zynthian.local address, probably you are using a windows version that doesn’t support the link-local feature and you can’t connect your Zynthian box directly to your computer. Don’t worry. You can connect it to your local network and obtain its IP address by using the Network Info option in the admin menu. Browse to ( represents the IP address of your Zynthian)

Login to webpage


Configure Display


Configure Audio


Configure Wiring for knobs