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Zynthian is an Open Synth Platform: An Open Hardware device based on Raspberry Pi running ZynthianOS, a customized Raspbian-based Linux distribution, specifically configured and adapted for audio synthesis & processing. ZynthianOS runs the physical UI (display + rotary encoders + switches), that allows you to create up to 16 sound layers (synthesis + audio processing chains) using a large collection of synthesis engines and audio-processing plugins, most of them Free Software along with some commercial ones.

Zynthian provides a foundation to create and explore music the way you want to. Some use cases:

  • Using MOD UI plugins Zynthian becomes an in-depth multi-fx unit for guitar players, SooperLooper enables live looping and overdubbing
  • For those who prefer keys, plug in your favourite midi controller keyboard and jam out on any of the circa 60 synth engines available
  • Plug in your hardware midi sequencer(s) to control up to 16 chains of audio with FX, assign parameters to your device and tweak to your heart's content
  • For sound explorers: create your own patches with one or more instruments (chains) and save them for later using snapshots
  • Record the audio and midi of your performances with immediate access to files via the web interface
  • Compose your totally un-cheesy backing tracks using the built-in step sequencer and arranger functions to support your live performance and launch with a midi controller

Building a ZynthianBox is not difficult and relatively inexpensive, varying from 100 to 500 €, depending on the chosen components. You can:

  • Buy your hardware kit (current V5 model pictured), or just some parts, in the Zynthian Shop, or
  • Build everything from scratch using the publicly available documentation. You’ll be able to go from a totally headless system to an integrated instrument with your midi keyboard.
  • You can also try Zynthian’s software with only a Raspberry Pi, a HDMI display and a USB mouse. Once setup, connect & control remotely with a touchscreen device.

Zynthian is a working project in active development and supported by volunteers. While best efforts are made, this wiki may not match the current state of the software. To catch up on the latest, check in at the active and friendly Forum

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