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* [[Using ZynSeq]]: Tutorial on using ZynSeq step sequencer.
* [[Using ZynSeq]]: Tutorial on using ZynSeq step sequencer.
* [[Adding Extra I/O with the Zynaptik Module]]: Adding the Zynaptik extra I/O Option

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Official UI Guides

Zynthian has 4 user interfaces that we have documented separately:

1. Zynthian UI Users Guide: The Hardware UI. <= You should start here!

2. Configuration Users Guide: Web Configuration Tool.

3. MOD-UI Users Guide: MOD Plugin-Host Web UI.

4. Command Line User Guide: If you need to manually setup/configure things.

Specific Guides


First Steps: A brief tutorial on basic UI usage

Quick Start: A beginners tutorial on how to make a piano snapshot

Video Guides


First Steps, by Sébastien Marty
MIDI Basics, by Sébastien Marty
Editing SFZ & SF2, by Benoit Bouchez


Interface utilisateur, by Benoit Bouchez
Edition SFZ et SF2, by Benoit Bouchez