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see [[MOD-HOST_%26_MOD-UI]]
see [[MOD-HOST_%26_MOD-UI]]
==MOD Plugins==
[https://www.moddevices.com/gear-gallery Details about each of the plugins]

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MOD is a host for LV2 plugins (similar to VST plugins).

The user interface for MOD is a web page hosted on your Zynthian device. You can drag & drop icons representing LV2-plugins of several types (modulators, equalizer, generators (=> synths), distortions, voice effects, vocoders, ...) and connect them together in a way which is really intuitive and easy.

You need another computer with a browser to access this website inside your Zynthian.

To use the web interface, you first have to start the MOD-engine on your Zynthian. After that you can browse to http://zynthian.local:8888

If that does not work, find the IP address for your Zynthian device on your local network.

and browse to that http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8888 (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx represents the IP address)




MOD Plugins

Details about each of the plugins