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MOD-HOST & MOD-UI are written and maintained by They sell a very nice effect pedal device called Mod Duo for about €549.00. Mod Duo is configurable to use multiple LV2-plugins via a built-in webpage accessible by a USB or Ethernet connection to the device.

MOD-UI is the code for the webpage. It's open-source, too, so Zynthian uses it as one of the synth engines. In MOD-UI you can drag & drop icons representing LV2-plugins of several types (modulators, equalizer, generators (=> synths), distortions, voice effects, vocoders, ...) and connect them together in a way which is really intuitive and easy.

MOD-HOST is the engine that runs the LV2 plugins.

A lot of LV2 plugins:

  • Dexed, an amazing Yamaha DX7 emulator that can import DX7 SysEx files. Thanks to Holger Wirtz by creating this native port to LV2.
  • MDA EPiano, sounds like a true Fender Rhodes.
  • MDA JX10, a Roland JX10 emulator with a lot of mind-boggling presets.
  • TAL Noize Mak3r, a true ears-breaker with really fat sounds.
  • and many more … Details about each of the plugins

see MOD_Users_Guide