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The Zynthian User Interface is formed by 4 rotary encoders with switch and one TFT display. The encoders/switches are used to navigate between the different screens, select options (channels, banks, presets, ...) and change the instrument parameters, acting as a MIDI/OSC controller.

Currently there are two screen patterns:

- Selector: a list of items that you can scroll and select with the SELECT(4) encoder/switch
- Controller: In the corners, 4 control widgets (one for each encoder/switch), with label and value indicator (graphic and numeric). In the middle, a list of controller sets (screens) to which you can change or rotate using the SELECT(4) encoder/switch.

There are 3 types of clicks (press):

- short: inferior than 0.3 seconds
- bold: between 0.3 and 2 seconds
- long: major than 2 seconds

The short click is used to rotate between channels (CHAN(1)) or between controller sets (SELECT(4)). For better understanding, see the flowchart:

Visio-Diagrama flux v2.png