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Video + Audio Demos

Demo Zynthian: 8 tracks 1 synth, by Aven Project

All Tracks are coming simultaneously from the Zynthian. Triggered by MIDI and recorded with some EQ and Compression (DAW).

Multi-timbral Zynthian Demo, by Jofemodo

Using 5 layers assigned to different MIDI channels, like this:

  • CH#1: Vangelis PAD (ZynAddSubFX) => Solo
  • CH#2: Drums (ZaynAddSubFX)
  • CH#3: Analog Bass (ZynAddSubFX)
  • CH#4: Metal Drips (ZynAddSubFX)
  • CH#5: TR808 Drum Machine (LinuxSampler)

The keyboard is used for CH#1 and the Zaquencer for the rest. The audio is digitally recorded using the “record audio option” from the admin menu, so it’s HQ.

Multi-Timbral / Multi-Layer Demos

Bluezzy Demo, by Humi [1]
All sounds from Zynthian (Salamander Piano, Stereo Rhodes and some bass soundfont.) except drums (Reason).

Rhodes+Strings Demo, by Mauro Borgarello
A short playning TEST ... hope you like it and Pat can forgive me!

Tutta colpa del paradiso, by Mauro Borgarello
The song is from an italian composer, an old soundtrack of an old wonderful italian movies: “Tutta colpa del paradiso”. Hope you like it I have to say that the zynthian has a real “soul”. It play some real warm pad and i really LOVE its sound!

  • Layer1 :collection/smooth
  • Layer2: mysterious bank 3 / res string
  • Layer3: dexed with iconic DX7 elec piano

Jazzy Theme, by Ivaneo [2]
It uses:

  • LinuxSampler: Piano/Salamander Grand Piano
  • LinuxSampler: Bass/JazzBass
  • setBfree: upper/sinus/Booker T Jones

Song by Mr. LIE (work in progress) [3]
Zynthian produces most of sounds present in this recording (yes, drums too), except for Electric Bass and Autoharp. All is played manually and directly audio recorded (no midi tracks) with Ableton Live.

Relaxing theme by dhrupadiya [4]
Using layered sounds that create relaxing textures.

Textures by jerash
Dense audio-textures generated with 2 generators and effects.

Short sound demo, by Andurill [5]
Recorded with Ableton, no FX/Mastering

Sound Sample, by MrDham [6]
A puredata sequencer controlled by the 4 switches.

The Weight, by Baggypants
Track made using a Zynthian, Mininova, MC-303 on Ardour, Fedora desktop.

First Real Zynth, by Can Trell
Except some drums, all the sounds are from Zynthian. Sequencer MPC1000.

PPG-13, by Can Trell
Except some drums, all the sounds are from Zynthian. Sequencer MPC1000.

Vasculab COMPD, by Can Trell
Except some drums, all the sounds are from Zynthian. Sequencer MPC1000.


Take 5 Demo, MID file
Using the FluidR3 GM Soundfont (FluidSynth)

Holgers second simple test
Also nothing special! All sound are Fluidsynth with GM sampleset. First part is a quick 4-track recording with an external DAW. Second part is a MIDI file also played by Fluidsynth. Sorry for the blured pictures... I used the wrong setup for the cam :-(


Techno Session from Ramsi
Using a Zynthian Box in a live DJ performance!

setBfree (Hammond Emulator)

Drawbar Manipulations, by @Baggypants


Salamander Grand Piano Demo, by Humi [7]

Holgers first simple test playing with an Electric Piano
Nothing special!

Audio Input

Recording a 12-strings guitar with Zynthian Recorder, by wyleu [8]
A beatiful Richard Thompson's piece for demoing how easy is using Zynthian's audio recorder ;-)

MOD-UI as Audio Processor

Electro-Kalimba Demo, by Jofemodo
Little audio demo using an Electro-Kalimba connected to a Zynthian Box with Audio-inputs, using a MOD-UI patch including several effects, filters and the super-looper plugin.

Guitar Samples, by Rodrigo Amaral
Some guitar riffs using Zynthian as stompbox.

Sooper Looper + LinuxSampler / ZynAddSubFX / MOD-UI / etc.

Sooperlooper Quick & Dirty Demos, by Jofemodo [9]

10 minute of overindulgence to share, by Baggypants


Body and Soul, by Joostn (Fender Rhodes) [10]

Pianoteq6-Stage-Demo as sound engine inside Zynthian
A simple demonstration of using Pianoteq6-Stage-DEMO as a sound engine in Zynthian. Background music is the demo song from Pianoteq6.


48presets dirty jamming, by jofemodo [11]
Preset by Ronsum + Automatonism

MIDI-Theremin + Zynthian

Celestial Theremins, by MrDham' [12]
Some theremin voices trying to be celestial (some Step Sequencer on Zynthian MOD-UI + MIDI Theremin on my V-Machine)