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Please, add your questions to this FAQ. And of course, if you can add/improve an answer, do it! ;-)

I just wrote my 16/32/64 GB SD card with a Zynthian image, but from Zynthian's console i only see a part of SD's total space and i've no free space left in the partition. How can i make available all the space on my SD Card?

After writing the Zynthian image in the SD card, you have to "expand" the partition to fill all the available space.


+ login into Zynthian by SSH
+ execute "df" command to see the size of your partition and the available space
+ run "sudo raspi-config" and select the first option to expand your partition
+ reboot Zynthian
+ login again and execute "df" command to see size of your partition and the available space

You should see the difference ;-)

Important: If you don't expand your partition, you will have problems when updating zynthian software or library, as you will run out of space.

UPDATE: From 2016-12-23, the Gorgona SD image solve this problem. Now, in the first boot, the partition size will be auto-expanded.

Can i play a MIDI track with Zynthian as a multi instrument expander (different instruments on different channels)? If I have such a setup: how can I store it?

You can create such a setup by using the channel list and configuring different presets on each channel. This will work with the next Synth Engines:

+ ZynAddSubFX
+ LinuxSampler
+ FluidSynth

setBfree tries to emulate the original Hammond B3 configuration. It has a fixed setup of 2 manuals (upper and lower) and pedals, arranged in channels 1, 2 and 3.

While using MOD-UI, the channel list doesn't appears, but you can setup a MIDI splitter/router inside Carla and configure different plugins/effects in each channel or create more complex setups. No limits (well, CPU ;-).

Remember that currently you can only work with one engine at a time, but using MOD-UI you can load all the engines as plugins, so you create complex multi-engine setups.

I try to put some GIG files inside the zynthian-my-data/soundfonts folder, but Zynthian GUI don't show my files. What am i doing wrong?

The files dropped directly inside "gig" directory wont be shown. You must create some subfolder (category) inside the gig folder. The same is true for SFZs soundfonts.