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* [https://discourse.zynthian.org/c/building-zynthian Building Section]
* [https://discourse.zynthian.org/c/building-zynthian Building Section]
* [https://discourse.zynthian.org/t/zynthian-kits/150/6 Zynthian Kits Topic]
* [https://discourse.zynthian.org/t/zynthian-kits/150/6 Zynthian Kits Topic] (price list and ordering)
* [https://discourse.zynthian.org/t/success-cases/41 Success Cases Topic]
* [https://discourse.zynthian.org/t/success-cases/41 Success Cases] Individuals show their completed Zynthians

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RBPi2 is not longer supported by the latest zynthian SD images, so you need a RBPi3 or rebuild your own SD image.

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