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Quick start to make some actual sounds with your Zynthian, once it is configured (see previous beginner guides)

1 Connect a keyboard

Yes, you can connect your USB MIDI keyboard to one of the PI USB ports.

2 Load a snapshot

Load the 002-Fluid3 GM snapshot and start playing sounds.

3 Choose a synth

Or you can also go to the Layer menu and select New Synth Layer. Then select a synth engine and a MIDI CH# and then pick a patch bank and patch.

4 If you don't have a keyboard

There are a few things you can do to hear sound without hooking up a MIDI keyboard.

You can go to the admin menu and select Test Audio. This will simply play an audio recording to help you verify the audio is working.

You can also go to the Layer menu and the select New Special Layer and and then select PureData Visual Programming. Select MIDI CH#1 and then select generative. Then select generative relaxing. The general relaxing patch and the OuterSpaceZynth patch both generate sound without a keyboard.

You can load MIDI files using the Web Config tool. Just go to LIBRARY, Captures and highlight the mid folder, then click on the Upload button to select and upload a MIDI file. After the upload completes it will be available to select on the Zynthian by selecting the MIDI recorder. You can load the Fluid3 GM snapshot before playing the midi file. You also need to be sure to go to the admin menu to make sure you are in multi-timbral mode instead of stage mode.