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Here's how to figure out what IP address has been assigned to your Zynthian box by your local network (router). (Assuming you have connected your Zynthian box to your router with an Ethernet cable)

Try entering the following terminal/console command in a console/terminal/command prompt window of your computer:

arp -a

This will display a list of devices and IP addresses for things your computer knows about on your local network. One of those is likely to be your Zynthian box.

Another technique is to do a portscan (just on port 80) of the entire local subnet (usually 192.168.0.x or 192.168.1.x)

Use the following commands to do this:

 nmap -p 80 
 nmap -p 80 

This will show you the IP addresses of all computers on your local net that have a running web server.

Now you can browse to ( represents the IP address of your Zynthian) and get the Zynthian web login screen.

Finding the ip address of a Raspberry Pi with keyboard and screen

You can temporarily plug in a USB keyboard/mouse and an HDMI screen (TV) to your Pi so you have a physical console.

Give the following command (in a terminal):


and look for “inet addr” within all the stuff that spews onto the screen. If there is too much information for you to find your IP address, enter

ifconfig | less 

to limit the amount displayed, or

ifconfig | grep 'inet addr:' 

to only display the IP address.