Configuring Display Devices

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Custom displays

Look in the “custom” folder in the zynthian-sys GitHub repository. Inside, there is a subfolder called “display”, and inside that is a subfolder for every device that requires customized config files:

zynthian-sys - System config files for Zynthian. Adjustments and adds.

The device’s subfolder name should match the name used in the webconf tool.

As you see, currently there are only 2 customized devices (the 2 officially supported displays), but more displays should be added, specially for getting touch support out-the-box.

Adding new custom display configurations

Please consider helping to add more devices to the “custom” folder. It’s easy: When you have a configuration that works for you:

1.) Copy the files you have customized in the next 3 places:


to a subfolder inside “/zynthian/zynthian-sys/custom”, with the same name used by the webconf tool. You must re-create the directory structure inside the subfolder. Take a look at the existing examples.

2.) Try to re-configure your display from the webconf tool. If it still work after this, probably you did a good work in the previous step, so we can continue. If not ... try to find the problem ;-)

3.) Fork the zynthian-sys repository and copy/upload the new custom subfolder with its content, as you do it in the step 1.

4.) Send a pull request with some explanation and I will review the changes and merge with the master repo for making available the custom configuration in the next software update.