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Use ssh to remotely access the console (terminal) of the Zynthian. Use ssh in Mac Terminal or use the freely downloadable PuTTY software for Windows.

1 SSH/SFTP access:

login: root
password: raspberry

User pi doesn't exist any more and ... it's a good idea to change the password :wink:

2 Base Directory:


Almost all the zynthian stuff like synth engines, audio plugins, soundfonts, zynthian user interface, setup scripts and other specific software is in this directory.

3 UI configuration file


This file contains some configuration parameters for the Zynthian User Interface:

  • Logging level
  • Wiring layout
  • Font & Color scheme
  • etc.

4 Stopping/Starting the Zynthian UI

You must use systemd-style commands to stop & start any system service, that includes the zynthian UI:

systemctl stop zynthian
systemctl start zynthian

If you want to run the Zynthian UI in the console, you must stop the zynthian service and run the zynthian UI as a normal script using these commands:

 systemctl stop zynthian

Running zynthian from the console (terminal) allows you to view the logging/debug messages, which is necessary for debugging (posting these to the forum will enable experts to help you.)

5 More detailed info

More info on this page Accessing_Zynthian_from_your_computer