Accessing Zynthian from your computer

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Network Connection

The easier way of connecting your Zynthian is using the ethernet RJ45 connector to connect your unit to your local network or directly to your computer (ethernet to ethernet). Your zynthian box uses the link-local name "zynthian.local" and can be accessed with sftp and scp (winscp, if you are using windows yet). Of course, you can login with ssh too. The username and password are the default for Raspbian:


Once you are login in, if you want, you can configure the wifi access by editing the file:


Note that this file is protected and you have to edit as root user (sudo).

After editing the WPA settings, you can restart the network interface using a command like this:

$ sudo ifdown wlan0
$ sudo ifup wlan0

Accessing the MOD-UI web interface

If you have a recent zynthian image with MOD integration, you can access the MOD-UI web interface using the web browser from your computer:

  1. Connect your Zynthian to your local network using the ethernet connector (RJ45) or directly to your computer (ethernet to ethernet)
  2. Open the browser in your camputer and type in the address bar:

The MOD-UI should be loaded. Enjoy! ;-)

If the address is not found, test if the link-local feature is enabled in your system. Sometimes is disabled and the local names are not recognized. Also, you can use directly the zynthian IP, using the "Network Info" utility in the Zynthian's Admin menu.

Opening Synth Engine Natives GUIs in your Computer

For doing this, you need a XServer running on your computer. Linux is best tested, but i've tested with Mac and Windows too. You must follow this simple steps:

1. Login into zynthian using the "-Y" option or equivalent (tunnel X connections) 
  $ ssh -Y pi@zynthian.local

2. Stop zynthian GUI: 
  $ sudo /etc/init.d/zynthian stop
3. Start zynthian GUI in remote GUI mode: 
  $ sudo /etc/init.d/zynthian startx
4. From Zynthian GUI, select the synth engine. Currently only ZynAddSubFX and Carla have supported native GUIs.
5. Enjoy!! ;-)

IMPORTANT: Try to use ethernet-to-ethernet connection as it will reduce latency and improve usability.

Copying your presets/soundfonts to Zynthian

You can copy your presets/soundfonts in the next forlder:


There are different subfolders for every type/synth-engine:


You can use SFZ soundfonts with LinuxSampler but GIG are not integrated yet. I will do it very soon. SF2 soundfonts can be used with FluidSynth.

Also, you can add your ZynAddSubFX instruments/banks, Carla patches, edit the setBfree configuration, etc.

IMPORTANT: after adding or changing something in zynthian-data, you can’t update the zynthian-library from the Admin menu nevermore. I have to implement the use of “zynthian-my-data” folder to avoid this problem and maintain separated the “official” library from user’s library. TODO!