Zynthian Wishlist

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1. External controllers for controlling the Zynthian GUI

  • e.g. via bidirectional and self-configuring USB-serial interface (protocol-definition is neccesary!), so any uC can be used. (HW)
  • e.g. via MIDI (MIDI-CC, etc.) => Define MIDI messages to use
  • e.g. via OSC messages => Define OSC paths (protocol)

2. Juke Box

Implement/integrate a "Juke Box" or/and "DJ-ing" software.

3. Sequencer

  • MIDI looper (using midish?)
  • Step Sequencer

4. SooperLooper

  • Currently only SooperLooper LV2 plugins is available in zynthian, that implements a limited subset of the full capabilities of SooperLooper server.
  • Implement a SooperLooper engine, using the SL-server OSC API.