Zynthian Wishlist

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1. Easy sound-set editing (from external computer?). (HW)

  • This can be acomplished using the native GUI of engines, but you need a Xserver in the external computer. I think you (Holger) have tested this following my instructions. It's quite fluid.
  • Also, we can use It's possible to use VNC. I've tested this with a pure HTML5-JS client (https://github.com/kanaka/noVNC) and i have launched the Zynthian's ZynAddSubFX GUI inside the browser of an external computer. The problem is that it's slow. Not very fluid.

2. Calling configurations/sounds via MIDI-program-change. (HW)

  • Currently you can change the preset using MIDI-program-change from an external controller/keyboard. In fact this is used by the Zynthian UI to change the preset in the engine. Currently, the zynthian UI doesn't follow this external events, so you will not see the change reflected in the GUI. This must be fixed.
  • We need to implement a way of save/restore "configurations" or "sessions", where a "session" is the zynthian status, including, engine, channels, presets, controllers, etc. Also, we need a method to easily load this sessions, and perhaps MIDI program-change is useful for some users, but this has to be optional.
  • Each engine have his own specificities ...

3. External controllers

  • e.g. via bidirectional and self-configuring USB-serial interface (protocol-definition is neccesary!), so any uC can be used. (HW)
  • e.g. via MIDI (MIDI-CC, etc.) => Define MIDI messages to use
  • e.g. via OSC messages => Define OSC paths (protocol)

4. Juke Box

Implement/integrate a "Juke Box" or/and "DJ-ing" software.