Zynthian Wishlist

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1. Easy sound-set editing (from external computer?). (HW)

  • This can be acomplished using the native GUI of engines, but you need a Xserver in the external computer. I think you (Holger) have tested this following my instructions. It's quite fluid.
  • Also, we can use It's possible to use VNC. I've tested this with a pure HTML5-JS client (https://github.com/kanaka/noVNC) and i have launched the Zynthian's ZynAddSubFX GUI inside the browser of an external computer. The problem is that it's slow. Not very fluid.

2. Calling configurations/sounds via MIDI-program-change. (HW)

We need some definitions ;-)

3. External controllers

  • e.g. via bidirectional and self-configuring USB-serial interface (protocol-definition is neccesary!), so any uC can be used. (HW)