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Here's a list of the things Zynthian can do: Zynthian Features

The Zynthian has 3 user interfaces:

1. Configuration Users Guide (web browser UI)

2. MOD Users Guide (web browser UI)

3. The device UI (the hardware itself)

Device User Interface

The Zynthian device User Interface is displayed on a TFT display and controlled by 4 rotary-encoders with push switches. The encoders/switch knobs are used to navigate between the different screens/menus, select options and change the instrument parameters, acting as MIDI/OSC controllers.

Zynthian ui legend.png

Currently there are two screen layouts:

  1. Selector Screen: a list of items that you can scroll and select with the SELECT(4) knob
  2. Controller Screen: In the corners, 4 control widgets (one for each knob), with label and value indicator (graphic and numeric). In the middle, a list of controller maps which you can use to change or rotate using the SELECT(4) knob.

And there are 3 types of clicks (push) that can be performed, depending on how long you hold down the knob:

  • short: less than 0.3 seconds
  • bold: between 0.3 and 2 seconds
  • long: more than 2 seconds

Actions for each knob and click type are context dependent. Generally, the SELECT knob and a short click is used to navigate and select items on a "Selector Screen". On a "Controller Screen", short clicks can be used to rotate between channels (CH) or between controller maps (SELECT). "Bold" clicks are intended as shortcuts for jumping to some specific screens. Clicking the BACK knob generally jumps to the previous screen in the sequence. For a detailed description, see the next flowcharts:

Zynthian ui workflow 1.png

Zynthian ui workflow 2.png

UI with only a touch screen and no encoders

Need to describe how the UserInterface works with no rotary-encoders and only a touchscreen.

When clicking (touching) the topbar, a "back" event is triggered. It's quick&dirty fix and probably it will change in the future, but meanwhile it will allow to have a basic functionality using the touchscreen without controllers. Topbar.png

Now you can navigate and control the Zynthian UI without encoders/switches at all. Only touchscreen :wink:

You can "emulate" the switches by pushing in the controller widgets. There are short, bold and long actions. Exactly the same workflow than ever. When the "back" widget is not available, you can go back by clicking the top bar.

Also, as i explained in another post, you can move the controllers by "sliding" over the widgets. I think it's pretty intuitive.

If you want to contribute improving these flowcharts, you can edit it using the Google Documents Tools:

- Main sequence: zynthian_ui_workflow_1
- Aux. Sequences: zynthian_ui_workflow_2