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Video + Audio Demos

License to Bill Murray, solo by @b_a_t [1]

Hardware Jam Challenge (a group on FB) which topic 007. Execution is not perfect but the ZynSeq is really a great addition and makes it easier to play.

gr0k #008 Five Two Six, by @gr0k [2]

The samples in the track I shared were recorded by a fried whilst he was in Ireland in 2016. He used a shortwave radio and apparently needed a rather large antenna to pick up this station. The (conspiracy?) theory is that foreign intelligence services still use encoded messages like this because the recipient can be almost anywhere in the world, and receive instructions without fear of being traced through a phone call or Internet connection. This was from 12227khz which some claim is Russian Intelligence, tho this sample sounds British.

They were sequenced and played on the Zynthian using a sound font made on my computer. The static in the track comes from the same source and was recorded onto and played back via a four track.

Riders on the Storm, solo by walt [3]

Pianoteq and the Volca Drum are routed to effects in the MOD UI.

NoiseMachine, by jerash [4]

If you like noise and ring modulations you should be able to reach the end of the video without clicking the stop buttons.

Vangelis - Blade Runner End Titles - Bedroom Live Cover 2020 by Grzyb [5]

Zynthian Casket does all the sounds.

Chaconne de Pachelbel, by @christeck [6]

Pipe Organ by Zynthian

Already know, by She Loves Disco [7]

Bass & Piano by Zynthian.

Jean Michel Jarre's Equinoxe-7 cover, by @BEB [8]

Zynthian does all the sounds except the lead strings, played on the CS1x.

Jean Michel Jarre's Magnetic Fields (part3) cover, by @BEB [9]

Zynthian does all the sounds except the lead strings, played on the CS1x.

Demo Zynthian: 8 tracks 1 synth, by Aven Project

All Tracks are played by the Zynthian. Controlled by MIDI and recorded with some EQ and Compression (DAW).

Muzyka Elektronowa 1 & 2, by @ejdzi [10]

  • All hands and foots playing is from zynthian:
    • 1#JV/Obxd>KVR_Leads/Bermuda_Lead_IW
    • 2#ZY>Strings/Strings Pad6
    • 3#ZY>Arpeggios/Sequence2
    • 4#ZY>net-wisdom/Prophet horn 1
    • 5#ZY>net-wisdom/Vangelis Saw - A
    • 7#ZY>Pads/Resonance Pad1
    • 11#FS>FluidR3 GS/Wind Chimes
    • 12#ZY>net-wisdom/Rising bleeps
    • 13#ZY>Noises/Noise2
    • 16#JV/ZynEcho>None/Echo 3
  • The rest is from Yamaha QY70

Next try with the Zynthian, by @Bavaria-Rene [11]

  • Drums come from the Electribe.
  • Everything elese from the Zynthian: Pads, Bass, ...

Not a Real Case but it Works, by @Bavaria-Rene [12]

  • Drums come from the Electribe.
  • Channel 1-3 are from the Zynthian: Pad, Bass and the melody thing

Multi-timbral Zynthian + Zaquencer Demo, by Jofemodo

Using 5 layers assigned to different MIDI channels, like this:

  • CH#1: Vangelis PAD (ZynAddSubFX) => Solo
  • CH#2: Drums (ZaynAddSubFX)
  • CH#3: Analog Bass (ZynAddSubFX)
  • CH#4: Metal Drips (ZynAddSubFX)
  • CH#5: TR808 Drum Machine (LinuxSampler)

The keyboard is used for CH#1 and the Zaquencer for the rest. The audio is digitally recorded using the internal Audio Recorder.

Zynthian at Soundcloud

An eclectic compilation of tracks using zynthian

Step-Sequencer Demos

ZynStep Jams, by Jtunes [13]
100% sequenced and played with Zynthian

Multi-Timbral / Multi-Layer Demos

Autobahn (Kraftwerk Cover), by @spurkopf [14]

  • All sounds by Zynthian
  • Sequenced with some DAW

Somewhere in France, by @Vincent [15]

  • ZY/CrisOwl Alvarez/ Fantasy Padkeys
  • 62 Telecaster / Effectrode Blackbird clean boost / GX Flanger / ZynChorus / Tal Reverb
  • Looped in Octatrack using Afrobeat Shakers loop + Afrobeat Drum loop (104 BPM)

Having Fun with my Zynthian, by @Vincent [16]

  • Trillo / Scherzo / Drones / guitar chorus / Ahh Choir... and some more?
  • Mostly mangled by the eight merciless arms of Octatrack!

Zynthian-1 - Arabian Nights, by @Vincent [17]

  • ZynAddSubFX/olivers-100/Mellow Echo Pad
  • Sequenced with Octatrack

Cloudwalking On A Sunny Day, by Jimi Heinrich Orchestra - (200221 JHO - Cut 07)

Zynthian, by Unfair Valor

Have i told you lately how much I love the Oberheim emulator?, by Humi [18]
Sounds Zynthian & OB-Xd

Eyes turned to the Sky, by Roman Generalov [19]
Sounds by Zynthian: Bass, Synth Leads, Piano, Strings, Oboe…

EpicEnteR, by Roman Generalov [20]

  • Bass Line 1: Dexed>ROM1B/31__BASS____3 + LS>SFZ/Synths/Saw Rez, MDA Detune
  • Bass Line 2: ZY>Collection/Overdrive 2
  • Lead 1: ZY>the mysterious bank/supersaw wihout release
  • Lead 2: ZY>Brass/Analog Brass 1
  • Arp Synth: ZY>Laba170bank/FatPatch
  • Brass: LS>SFZ/Brass/TrumpetSect/trumpets + Cubase VSTi
  • Keys: ZY>Fantasy/Rhodes Space2 + JV/Fluid Pianos>None/Default + Cubase VSTi
  • Snare: LS>SFZ/Drum Machines/SP 12 + JV/MVerb
  • add - sfx, drums one shots + loops, mixing (eq, comp, delay…) - Сubase…

Monsieur The Actor, by Roman Generalov [21]

  • сh01 - Bass - Dexed>ROM3A/18__FRETLESS_1
  • ch02 - Brass 1 - LS>SFZ/Synths/Rich + MDA Detune
  • ch03 - Brass 2 - ZY>Brass/Analog Brass 4
  • ch04 - Orch Hit - FS>FluidR3 GM/Orchestra Hit
  • ch05 - Pad - ZY>Brass/Fat Brass
  • ch06 - Lead - FS>TimGM6mb/Pan Flute + MVerb
  • ch10 - Kick - LS>SFZ/Drum Machines/Kawai R50
  • ch11 - Snare - LS>SFZ/Drum Machines/SP 12 + MVerb
  • ch12 - Toms&Crashs - Fluid Drums
  • ch13 - Percussion - LS>SFZ/Drums/gmkit/gmkit
  • add - percussion loop, mixing (eq, comp, delay…) - Сubase…

Of course, my lord, by Roman Generalov [22]

  • 1ch - Drums: LS - Acetone Rhythm Ace, Drumkits Percussion + MDA Degrade.,
  • 2ch - Bass: ZY - Bass 5.,
  • 3ch - Lead 1: ZY - Brass - Fat Brass + TAL Reverb, Dexed - Synth Brass.,
  • 4ch - Pad: ZY - the mysterious banks - echoes 2.,
  • 5ch - Lead 2: Calf Monosynth - Goa Bass + MDA Delay…
  • and easy mastering in Cubase…

For Wyeleu, by Humi [23]

  • jRhodes
  • Noize Mak3r - KB Smooth Sine TAL
  • Synthv1 3925Synthv1patches/ClassicBassSynth

I EQ the lower end of the bass patch up quite a bit

BlueBox is Roughly Great, by Nicolaz [24]
Sounds by Zynthian, sequenced with Novation Circuit and played with Arturia Keystep.

Smooth Pillow, by dhrupadiya [25]

  • 1#ZY>Cormi Sound/romanticone
  • 1#JV/MaGigaverb
  • 2#ZY>Collection/Smooth
  • 3#ZY> the mysterious bank 3/soft strings

Song Base, by Humi [26]
All sounds from Zynthian, drums and effects from Reason.

RTPMidi Celebration, by JTunes [27]

  • Drums: Linux Sampler > Drum Machines > Roland TR909
  • Bass: Noize Mak3r > BS Neon Bass AS
  • Pad: ZynAddSubFX > Collection > Full Strings
  • Saw Pluck: ZynAddSubFX > net-wisdom > progressive-house-pluck
  • Square Lead: ZynAddSubFX > Collection > Simple Square
  • Sequencing & Mixing: Ableton Live
  • MIDI Connection: RTP-MIDI only

Some little classic from Mr. Tchaikovsky, by sm7x7 [28]

  • Piano: Bluethner from Pianoteq,
  • Strings: of course Zynth own Stringer
  • Bass: NoiseMak3r
  • Drums: you've got it! Grids_zynth!

Trip Jazz Demo, by Humi [29]
All sounds from Zynthian except drums:

  • Drumloop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpWUPqMjoeU
  • Rhodes and Piano: Pianoteq
  • Effects: Gxdelay- stereo and Gxreverb-stereo
  • Bass: Noize Mak3r BS Bass Deep TAL
  • Effects: Calf Bass Enhancer, GxBoobTube and GxChorus-Stereo
  • Pads: OBDx Saw strings and one other (forgot the name)

Zynthianic Trance, by Jtunes [30]

  • Drums: SFZ > Drum Machines > Akai XR10.
  • Bass: ZynAddSubFX > Bass > Analogue Bass.
  • Arps: The only one I clearly remember is ZynAddSubFX > Collection > Sharp and Deep. There were more.
  • Main Lead: MOD-UI > Noize Mak3r > LD Neon Knife TUC.
  • Backup Lead: ZynAddSubFX > Collection > Overdrive.
  • Synced/arranged/filtered/mastered in Ableton Live

Brexit Has Unified The Nation With Joy, by Baggypants [31]
20 mins of ambient using padthv1 only.

Elektró, by Humi [32]
Electro/drumnbass/something made of Zynthian Synths (Helm pad and Noize Mak3r lead) and a Rhodes soundfont. Drums from Reason.

Bluezzy Demo, by Humi [33]
All sounds by Zynthian (Salamander Piano, Stereo Rhodes and some bass soundfont.) except drums (Reason).

Rhodes+Strings Demo, by Mauro Borgarello
A short playning TEST ... hope you like it and Pat can forgive me!

Tutta colpa del paradiso, by Mauro Borgarello
The song is from an italian composer, an old soundtrack of an old wonderful italian movies: “Tutta colpa del paradiso”. Hope you like it I have to say that the zynthian has a real “soul”. It plays some real warm pads and I really LOVE its sound!

  • Layer1 :collection/smooth
  • Layer2: mysterious bank 3 / res string
  • Layer3: dexed with iconic DX7 elec piano

Jazzy Theme, by Ivaneo [34]
It uses:

  • LinuxSampler: Piano/Salamander Grand Piano
  • LinuxSampler: Bass/JazzBass
  • setBfree: upper/sinus/Booker T Jones

Song by Mr. LIE (work in progress) [35]
Zynthian produces most of sounds present in this recording (yes, drums too), except for Electric Bass and Autoharp. All is played manually and directly audio recorded (no midi tracks) with Ableton Live.

Relaxing theme by dhrupadiya [36]
Using layered sounds that create relaxing textures.

Textures by jerash
Dense audio-textures generated with 2 generators and effects.

Short sound demo, by Andurill [37]
Recorded with Ableton, no FX/Mastering

Sound Sample, by MrDham [38]
A puredata sequencer controlled by the 4 switches.

The Weight, by Baggypants
Track made using a Zynthian, Mininova, MC-303 on Ardour, Fedora desktop.

First Real Zynth, by Can Trell
Except some drums, all the sounds are from Zynthian. Sequencer MPC1000.

PPG-13, by Can Trell
Except some drums, all the sounds are from Zynthian. Sequencer MPC1000.

Vasculab COMPD, by Can Trell
Except some drums, all the sounds are from Zynthian. Sequencer MPC1000.

Zynthian Step Sequencer + Synths (100% produced with Zynthian)

ZynPad Celebration, by JTunes [39]

First ZynthStep Song Ever, by JTunes [40]

FluidSynth (SF2 soundfont player)

Puzzling objects near the center of the orb, by Jimi Heinrich Orchestra [41]
Piano from FluidSynth@Zynthian

Take 5 Demo, MID file
Using the FluidR3 GM Soundfont (FluidSynth)

Holgers second simple test
Also nothing special! All sound are Fluidsynth with GM sampleset. First part is a quick 4-track recording with an external DAW. Second part is a MIDI file also played by Fluidsynth. Sorry for the blured pictures... I used the wrong setup for the cam :-(

ZynAddSubFX (Additive + Substractive + Pad Synthesis with Effects)

Morning Sunshine, by JTunes [42]

  • ZynAddSubFX > Cormi Sound > Delicato 03

Cosmic Synth Guitar, by JTunes [43]

  • ZynAddSubFX / Guitar / Dist Guitar 3
  • -> Tal-Dub-3
  • -> MaGigaverb

And do not forget to use pitchbend!

Space Choir 1, by Jtunes [44]
+ ZynAddSubFX > Fantasy > Space Choir 1

Techno Session from Ramsi
Using a Zynthian Box in a live DJ performance!

setBfree (Hammond B3 + Leslie Rotary Speaker Emulator)

Drawbar Manipulations, by @Baggypants

Dexed (Yamaha DX7 Emmulator)

Jamming with Vangelis Piano, by Jofemodo [45]

  • FM Electric Piano: Dexed->DCDCollection->09_ELEC_VANG

OBXd (Oberheim OB-X Emmulator)

In love with OBXd, by Humi [46]

Jump Contest, by Zynthian Community [47] Trying to emulate Van Halen's Jump sound ...

foo-yc20 (Yamaha YC-20 Combo-Organ emulator)

House of the Rising Sun (The Animals), by Baggypants [48]

LinuxSampler (SFX + GIG soundfont player)

Radiohead's Everything In Its Right Place, by tkc [49]
Salamander Grand Piano V3 engine + Zynreverb room acoustics effect

Salamander Grand Piano Demo, by Humi [50]

Holgers first simple test playing with an Electric Piano
Nothing special!

Audio Input: Recording / Processing Audio

Recording a 12-strings guitar with Zynthian Recorder, by wyleu [51]
A beatiful Richard Thompson's piece for demoing how easy is using Zynthian's audio recorder ;-)

MOD-UI as Audio Processor

Electro-Kalimba Demo, by Jofemodo
Electro-kalimba (kalimba + piezos) connected to zynthian audio-input, using a MOD-UI pedalboard including several effects (delay, flanger, wah, reverb, ...) and super-looper.

Clean Guitar, by Rodrigo Amaral
Clean guitar using Zynthian as stompbox.

Crunch Guitar, by Rodrigo Amaral
Crunch guitar using Zynthian as stompbox.

Lead Guitar, by Rodrigo Amaral
Lead guitar using Zynthian as stompbox.

Sooper Looper (Audio Looping)

Sooperlooper Quick & Dirty Demos, by Jofemodo [52]

10 minute of overindulgence to share, by Baggypants

Pianoteq (Physical Modelling Pianos and other instruments)

Body and Soul, by Joostn (Fender Rhodes) [53]

Pianoteq6-Stage-Demo as sound engine inside Zynthian
A simple demonstration of using Pianoteq6-Stage-DEMO as a sound engine in Zynthian. Background music is the demo song from Pianoteq6.

Puredata (Visual Audio Programming)

Spacezynth Tests, by Ronsum [54]
SpaceSynth patch is a modified version of “OuterSpace_V1” by Alberto Zin, released under the Gnu Public License. Sounds range from soothing to industrial to rhythmic to spacey to crazy scary. Be sure to check out the last controller on page #5 “Randomize Patch”.

Quick test with the drums and synth. So fun!!!, by sm7x7 [55]

  • Drums & Synths: PD grids

Add rhythm shuffle and a bass freq synth. Neverending Fun!, by sm7x7 [56]

  • Drums & Synths: PD grids

48presets dirty jamming, by jofemodo [57]
Preset by Ronsum + Automatonism

MIDI-Theremin + Zynthian

Celestial Theremins, by MrDham' [58]
Some theremin voices trying to be celestial (some Step Sequencer on Zynthian MOD-UI + MIDI Theremin on my V-Machine)