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Please, add your questions to this FAQ. And of course, if you can add/improve an answer, do it! ;-)

Where can i buy a Zynthian Kit?

Currently you can buy the official Zynthian kits in the Zynthian Shop.

I just wrote my 16/32/64 GB SD card with a Zynthian image, but from Zynthian's console i only see a part of SD's total space and i've no free space left in the partition. How can i make available all the space on my SD Card?

After writing the Zynthian image in the SD card, you have to "expand" the partition to fill all the available space.


+ login into Zynthian by SSH
+ execute "df" command to see the size of your partition and the available space
+ run "sudo raspi-config" and select the first option to expand your partition
+ reboot Zynthian
+ login again and execute "df" command to see size of your partition and the available space

You should see the difference ;-)

Important: If you don't expand your partition, you will have problems when updating zynthian software or library, as you will run out of space.

UPDATE: From 2016-12-23, the Gorgona SD image solve this problem. Now, in the first boot, the partition size will be auto-expanded.

Can i play a MIDI track with Zynthian as a multi instrument expander (different instruments on different channels)? If I have such a setup: how can I store it?

You can create such a setup by using the channel list and configuring different presets on each channel. This will work with the next Synth Engines:

+ ZynAddSubFX
+ LinuxSampler
+ FluidSynth

setBfree tries to emulate the original Hammond B3 configuration. It has a fixed setup of 2 manuals (upper and lower) and pedals, arranged in channels 1, 2 and 3.

While using MOD-UI, the channel list doesn't appears, but you can setup a MIDI splitter/router inside Carla and configure different plugins/effects in each channel or create more complex setups. No limits (well, CPU ;-).

Remember that currently you can only work with one engine at a time, but using MOD-UI you can load all the engines as plugins, so you create complex multi-engine setups.

I try to put some GIG files inside the zynthian-my-data/soundfonts folder, but Zynthian GUI don't show my files. What am i doing wrong?

The files dropped directly inside "gig" directory wont be shown. You must create some subfolder (category) inside the gig folder. The same is true for SFZs soundfonts.

How do I edit entries in the wiki?

You need to be able to login to the wiki with a username: Simply register . .