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[https://discourse.zynthian.org/t/success-cases/41 Zynthian Success Cases]
[https://discourse.zynthian.org/t/success-cases/41 Zynthian Success Cases]
= Demo of Pianoteq6 integration =
Youtube Video:
[https://youtu.be/TvZG-m5IgV8 Pianoteq6-Stage-Demo as soundengine inside Zynthian]
A simple demonstration of using Pianoteq6-Stage-DEMO as a sound engine in Zynthian. Background music is the demo song from Pianoteq6.

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Images of Zynthians

Jofemodo's Prototype 1 - First Zynthian ever made!

Jofemodo zynthian prototype 1.jpg

Zynthian prototype1 02.jpg

Zynthian prototype1 03.jpg

Jofemodo's Prototype 2 - Steelcase

Jofemodo zynthian prototype 2.jpg

Jofemodo's Prototype 3 - Black Steelcase

Jofemodo zynthian prototype 3-01.jpg

Jofemodo zynthian prototype 3-02.jpg

Holger's Super Disco Zynthian

Holger Super Disco Zynthian 1.jpg

Youtube Video:

Holgers Playing with an Electric Piano

Holger Prototype3.jpg

Paul's Zynthian Wood-Styled





Jofemodo's Prototype's 4 - Alucase

Jofemodo zynthian prototype 4-01.jpg

Jofemodo zynthian prototype 4-02.jpg

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