Zynthian Box Updating

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If you are using an official Zynthian SD Image, the first thing you should do after booting up your Zynthian Box is update the software.

If your Zynthian's UI is working and you can control the interface using the knobs or the touch screen, you can do this very easily:

  • Connect your Zynthian Box to your router/switch using an Ethernet RJ45 cable. Alternately, you can configure the WIFI connection using the Webconf tool.
  • Click update software from the UI's Admin Menu
  • Click restart UI (or reboot) from the UI's Admin Menu

You can also update your zynthian from your browser, using the Webconf tool:




Finally, you can update from the command line, using this command:


If you don't know how to access your zynthian using the command line, read this:

 Accessing Zynthian from other devices