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=Related Forum Sections & Topics=
=Related Forum Sections & Topics=
* [https://discourse.zynthian.org/c/building-zynthian Building Section]
* [http://shop.zynthian.org Official Zynthian Kits]
* [https://discourse.zynthian.org/t/zynthian-kits/150/6 Zynthian Kits Topic] (archived price list and ordering info, order here instead: [http://shop.zynthian.org http://shop.zynthian.org])
* [https://discourse.zynthian.org/c/building-zynthian Forum's Section about Zynthian Building]
* [https://discourse.zynthian.org/t/success-cases/41 Success Cases] Individuals show their completed Zynthians
* [https://discourse.zynthian.org/t/success-cases/41 Success Cases] Individuals show their finished Zynthians

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Official Guides

You can order official kits here: http://shop.zynthian.org

(*) RBPi2 is not longer supported by the latest zynthian SD images, so you need a RBPi3 or build your own SD image.

Video Guides


Unboxing the Official Kit V4, by Richard Nevill

Unboxing the Official Kit V3, by Sébastien Marty
Building and Testing the Official Kit V3, by Sébastien Marty


Tutoriel Zynthian V3 (partie 1: montage), by Benoit Bouchez (French)
Tutoriel Zynthian V3 (partie 2: configuration de la carte SD), by Benoit Bouchez (French)

Other Guides

Using alternative hardware

Related Forum Sections & Topics