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  • Adafruit PiTFT displays
  • Official Raspberry Pi Foundation 7" touch display

Audio interfaces

Tested good

* HifiBerry DAC+ => hifiberry-dacplus
* Hifiberry DAC+ Pro => hifiberry-dacplus
* HifiBerry DAC+ Lite => hifiberry-dac
* HifiBerry Amp => hifiberry-amp 
* HifiBerry Digi => hifiberry-digi
* IQAudio DAC+ => iqaudio-dacplus
* IQAudio DAC => iqaudio-dac
* AudioInjector Hat => audioinjector-wm8731-audio

Tested bad

  • Built-in Raspberry 1/8" audio jack. The onboard RBPi soundcard is not suitable at all. It's PWM based (no DAC!) and only 10 bits of resolution. Also, it has a huge latency. Forget getting a decent result with it. You have to use a decent soundcard (with a DAC!) for RBPi.
  • USB audio interfaces (latency problems)