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(The Monocled frown)
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==The Monocled frown==
==The Monocled frown==
  . . . [[File:Monowyleu.png]]    [[File:zynstatio.png|200px]]
  . . . [[File:Monowyleu.png]]    [[File:zynstatio.png|200px|right|zynstatio image]]

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The Monocled frown

. . . Monowyleu.png
zynstatio image

We are very keen to generate content from zynth users and as it's also really helpful to upload all kinds of content when demonstrating, testing and fault finding the project, so we have tried to establish an utterly nonenforceable deal with people that request help that they upload a sound sample as a thank you. In the ever-evolving worlds of Open-Source community the mechanism of gratitude is still in early Alpha, so we submit this mechanism, as a sort of RFC (Request For Comment).

Rather than appoint a detailed technical committee to meet every six months in exotic tropical locations, a detailed discussion took place on a couple of bikes, bombing round Barcelona whilst dodging tourists. The upshot of this was to promote a grumpy miserable old crazed enforcer who could, with the manners of a goat, insist on users submitting their contributions.

Guess who got that job? and who is typing this :-D

So that's really what we want to do.

Get people to submit as much content as possible, which is the sort of thing that attracts Internet attention, which increases footfall . .

So if you feel intimidated or angry or just confused, then apologies. It's probably best regarded as an opportunity. We get to confirm that another zynth is out there and you get to make content on the web. And as I've always promoted a 3 step approach to events . . . Never, Once, Many, you might have the chance to transit the first two of these, and gain the confidence to further to the third.  :-)

The details of how to make recordings are Audio recording